Column Community Events

Sustainable community projects for Mountwise & Devonport

Hello and welcome;  we’re so pleased to see you!

If you haven’t guessed we’re Column Community Events and our aim is to bring the community of Mountwise and Devonport a series of sustainable community events and projects. From Community markets, litter picks, Ghost hunts and summer BBQ’s; we not only want to provide these but also help members of the local community to run their own events and projects.

Column Community Events is community lead which means our members really do run the show; from voting on future events to working with us to provide those events.  We want you to get involved with our projects (like regenerating community gardens) to even bigger things like our AGM and the bigger picture as a whole.

A bit about us…


Column Community Events started just like every other great idea.  From a need, a want and a let’s just make things happen!

Jenny says “when I moved into the area in 2011, there were lots of goings on.  The regeneration of Devonport was well under way and there was a buzz in the air.  I remember great events like the Mountwise festival back in 2014!  It was a great event bringing pretty much the whole community together.

Since then we’ve not really had anything like that and I started to ask myself why; has the funding gone away?  Have the doers within the community left their roles?

In 2016 I started speaking to Rio (the Real Ideas Organisation) as they were piloting a new project with power to change about doing business differently, and giving communities the chance to run their own business.  From there we consulted the community and heard their views, concerns and their thoughts on what was missing in their community.”

From there the real idea of Column Community Events was born.

Rachel say’s “because it’s a community events company it will be run by the community which will hopefully result in the continuity that Devonport and its residents need.  CCE is not relying on funding pots, regeneration projects or individuals within organisations.  It is down to all of us to keep it running.  We will run it and be governed and steered by the community.”